The Journey Begins

Hi Up Beeters! Thanks so much for joining me!

I’m super excited to be launching this passion project of mine. This podcast has been in the pipeline for a long time now, and I’ve finally got the courage, commitment and drive to put it into the big bad world.

My name is Georgia and I’m a final Year Physiotherapy student and a qualified personal trainer, with an intense passion for plant based nutrition, womens health, sustainability and fitness. I’m also so intrigued by people who have found a way to make their passion their work and beat the 9-5 grind.

I hope, through this podcast, that I can bring you candid conversations with like minded individuals who in one way or another are doing amazing things for their health and the environment. I want to inspire you to live a more conscious, healthy and inspiring life and i hope by talking with those who are really cultivating their passions and choosing an alternative lifestyle, that i bring you closer to this.

But like everyone, I’m on my own journey to wellness and conscious living, so I also want to bring you along on my own journey. In particular i want to share with you how I’m trying to balancing my hormones and get my period back after 7 years of no period due to a combination of under eating, birth control and hormonal imbalances.

So join me as we try to navigate a more conscious, adventurous and healthy life together!

We grow food to feed animals, then kill animals to feed ourselves food that kills us β€” Unknown


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